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Minimum 50,000 m3 Life Expectancy

Twin Wall Pipe:



Boom Pipe Thickness: 5.0mm (3mm liner, 2.0 outer)

Deck Pipe Thickness: 7mm (5mm liner, 2.0 outer)


Liner material: 55 Mn Abrasive resistant alloy, up to 64 HRC hardness

Outer Material: 16 Mn low carbon alloy


End sleeve material: High Chromium Alloy, up to 65 HRC hardness


Water cooled welding


Tight cold draw seamless pipe and cold pushing fittings with no filling and space between layers.

Twin Wall Pipe Weight Specifications:


Length: 10 Feet (3 Meters)

5 Inch 4.5mm thickness light pipe:

                  Net:10Lbs/Ft With Ends

                  Without concrete: 103.6 pounds

                  With Concrete: 298.6 pounds


5 Inch 5mm thickness Standard pipe:

                  Net:10.83Lbs/Ft With Ends

                  Without concrete: 110 pounds

                  With Concrete: 305 pounds

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